Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy INSC Coins?

Its a Rare ICO with the below opportunities

India - Worlds Fastest & Largest growing economy in the world. INSC funds will be invested in Indian Stocks & Commodities.

Only project to integrate India's exchanges and blockchain technology to provide realtime access to worldwide INSC investors.

NO ICO Pre-Sale, No ICO Bonus so NO PUMP & DUMP.

Already Revenue generating product. Quarterly performance Bonus & Dividends.

100% owned by the Promoter with a Guarantee of Live BuyBack at ICO price for investors.

ICO Holders = ICO Price (Guaranteed LIVE Buyback) + INSC Dividends + INSC Bonuses + Exchange Listing benefits

INSC ICO snapshot

Token Issue Price 1000 INSC = 0.30 ETH

Total Supply = 1,000,000,000 | Promoter holds = 100%

Tokens to be Issued = 100,000,000 | Stakeholders after ICO = 10%

ICO timeline = from 1st April 2018 to 30th June 2018

Funds to be Invested into India Stocks Markets via NSE & BSE registered exchanges.

Why you should Invest?

No ICO Pre-Sale | No ICO Bonuses | No Pump & Dump

100% transparency and 100% Live Buyback.

Funds invested only on India’s top Stock Exchanges with Audit Trail.

BlockChain Technology & Financial Technology will be Merged to provide Real Time Benefits to Stakeholders

ICO Holders = ICO Price (Guaranteed LIVE Buyback) + INSC Dividends + INSC Bonuses + Exchange Listing benefits


Promoted by Vaibhav Modi, is a pioneer in Indian Stock Markets with 20 years of hard core equity experience.

Registered, Licensed and Authorized Broker at NSE, BSE & MCX exchanges.

Other 3 team members are from IIM, IIT, Mutual Fund Veterans with collective 50 years of Experience.

Fund Execution Strategy

All funds will be legitimately used only on the Exchanges. Token Holders will be able to view the actual holding of our Stocks via our login on exchanges.

Promoter believes in 100% Transparency. They will also be able to see the full Profit & Loss Account.

With the help of Blockchain technology, Stakeholders can track the progress of our Portfolio and Dividends.

Raised Amount will be Invested as below strategy

50% directly into specific for high growth stocks

25% for Derivatives to generate stable income

15% for any Commodity investments

10% Cash holding in Exchange account for an Quick Opportunity

Exchange Listing of INSC with BuyBack

To provide utmost transparency and Value of money, INSC will be pre-listed to a specific Exchange at the ICO price.

Meaning Promotor will always keep a Buy Trade at 0.00030 ETH for whoever wants to sell.

Token Holders who have invested with us in ICO, if they feel uncomfortable or if they are in need of Money, they can simply Sell and cash out.

They won’t lose a single penny. It’s a promise by the Promoter.

Future of INSC Tokens

If everything goes as planned, We will be listing on different Crypto Exchanges where token holders can directly sell their holdings at much higher premium to the exchanges.

We believe Price Discovery will be more than 5x the price of ICO on Exchanges.

How to BUY?

Please read the Instructions at


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