Why Invest with Us ?

Invest with Us

Currently there are 3 major stock exchanges operating in India. NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange).

We are a Registered, Licensed and Authorized Broker Member of All 3 exchanges and currently operating since last 10 years.

The funds raised will be invested in stocks and equity only through these exchanges. Each and Every trade is legitimate and has a Audit trail.


Why we need Investors?

Banks provide business loans and currently interest rate in India is between 14% to 24% for small businesses. So, we need to earn more than 25% this just to breakeven.

If we raise loans too, we need to provide extra 50% secured guarantee to keep with the Banks. We feel it’s totally unjustified.

The banking system is always in favor of big business houses and crushes small entrepreneurs.

We will be happier to provide benefits and share our fortune with our Investors and Stakeholders of our Growth  rather than giving to the Bankers.


Team – 4 People

Promoter - Vaibhav Modi

I am the Promoter of Tatva Group LLC which owns INSC coins and there are 3 more team members which form our advisory team.

I am basically a software engineer from Mumbai University batch 2003. Started career by developing exchange software’s. I am currently a full-time broker with NSE, BSE, MCX from last 15 years and very well connected to Stock Markets in India.

Investing and Trading experience of more than 20 years, since I was a teen and my family is also associated with business since last 25 years.

My credentials

  • B.E. Computers – Bachelor of Engineering in Software technology
  • NCFM – NSE’s Certification for Financial Markets
  • NISM Certifications – Currency, Compliance, Securities Risk Management
  • CDMS – NISM-Moody’s Certificate in Derivative Market Strategies
  • Authorized Mutual Fund distributor & Seller


Financial Advisory Team

There are 3 more team people which will be working with me but cannot disclose their identified as they are currently working with Top Mutual Funds in India. It is a Regulatory Issue.

A brief up of our team qualifications

  • IIT Kanpur Graduates
  • IIM Ahmedabad Post-graduates
  • Certified Financial Analysts
  • Chartered Accountants
  • One team member is a Head Research of Equity in Top Mutual Fund


Collectively our Team has more than 50 years of Experience in Stock Markets and Exchanges.

We have seen many ups and downs in the stock markets.



Technical BlockChain Team

We hired a team of Blockchain developers and their work was complete in delivering a secure Ethereum ERC20 Tokens.

The coins are in full control of the Promoter and is 100% owned by him. All expenses with respect to the Cost of Technology has been done and will not be shared with the INSC investors or from raised funds.

Further Roadmap includes Integration of Blockchain with our Financial System, Creating safe wallets but that can be outsourced easily and the developer team is ready for  it.

We dont have any Blockchain developers on PayRoll directly in our team. There was no need to allocate INSC coins or providing stake to the developers.

We believe all INSC investors will appreciate this and sanctity in spending their Investments are spent properly and wisely.

Promoter respects the value of Investors hard earned money.


At this point of time, the most important priority is to enhance the value of INSC coins..



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