ICO Crowdsale for Stakeholders and Investors

It’s not a typical ICO but more of an CrowdSale. We will be issuing INSU tokens/Coins to our Investors whoever interested to grow with us.

Most Important – All Investors are treated EQUAL. No minimum or maximum contribution.


No ICO Pre-Sale | No ICO Bonuses | No Pump & Dump


Blockchain Technology


Token Technology

ERC20 Tokens

Token Symbol

INSC (INdia Stocks Coin)

Total Token Supply


Available Token for Sale

10% i.e. 100,000,000

Token Price for 1 INSC / 1000 INSC

0.00030 ETH / 0.30 ETH

Fundraising Amount

30000 ETH

Fundraising Goal

minimum 5 % to maximum 100%

Remaining Tokens with Promoter


Please Note –

  • Remaining Tokens of 90% with Promoters.They are kept in Trezor Hardware Wallet and not will be used at any cost.
  • Money will be invested by only Funds Raised and invested into Markets with Audit trails.
  • All Holders will be eligible for Guaranteed ICO token price reimbursement.


ICO Holders = ICO Price (Guaranteed LIVE Buyback) + INSC Dividends + INSC Bonuses + Exchange Listing benefits


Fund Execution Strategy

All funds will be legitimately used only on the Exchanges. Token Holders will be able to view the actual holding of our Stocks via our login on exchanges.
Promoter believes in 100% Transparency. They will also be able to see the full Profit & Loss Account.

Raised Amount will be Invested as below strategy

  • 50% directly into specific for high growth stocks
  • 25% for Derivatives to generate stable income
  • 15% for any Commodity investments
  • 10% Cash holding in Exchange account for an Quick Opportunity


Exchange Listing of INSC with BuyBack

To provide utmost transparency and Value of hard earned money, INSC will be pre-listed to a specific Exchange at the ICO price. Meaning Promotor will always keep a Buy Trade at 0.00030 ETH for whoever wants to sell.

Token Holders who have invested with us in ICO, if they feel uncomfortable or if they are in need of Money, they can simply Sell and cash out.
They won’t lose a single penny. It’s a promise by the Promoter.
Future of INSC Tokens

If everything goes as planned, We will be listing on different Crypto Exchanges where token holders can directly sell their holdings at much higher premium to the Exchanges.

We believe INSC Price Discovery will be more than 5x on Exchanges.


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